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Pediatric Dentistry

A pediatric dentist is a dentist who works on the dental health of children.

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Pediatric Dentistry

What is Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics) and Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontist)?

Pedodontics (pediatric dentistry) is a branch of dentistry that monitors and treats the health of milk and permanent teeth of children from infancy. The dentist working in this field is called a pediatric dentist (pedodontist). In our Bursa Hira Dental Children’s Dental Clinic, all necessary services are provided in order to apply dental treatment to our patients of all ages. On the other hand, we can perform the treatment of our pediatric patients who are very young or have excessive stress-fear, under general anesthesia, after the necessary tests and evaluations are done, if they do not mind. In the light of our ideal of preventive dentistry, we keep the health status of our pediatric patients under regular follow-up as we recommend it to our patients of all ages. We provide regular tooth brushing and oral care training during appointments. ‘Children are our greatest treasure for conscious generations and a healthy future.’

When Should Your Child Have Their First Dentist Checkup?

It is recommended that the first dental examination be performed after the first primary tooth erupts (usually between 6 months and 1 year). The goal of the pedodontist is to prepare your child for a caries-free and healthy future. The important thing is that your child is introduced to the dentist before caries (tooth decay) or other problems occur. The experience of the child at the first appointment and trust in the doctor are of great importance in the preparation for the situations that can be encountered in the future. For this reason, never delay your child’s first dentist appointment. You can make an appointment with our Hira Dental Children’s Dental Clinic.

What are the things we need to pay attention to before the first pediatric dentist examination?

What should not be done before the treatment is more important than what is done. Before the treatment, do not make sentences such as “don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt at all”. Such sentences may give rise to the idea that children can subconsciously feel pity. Do not reward your child with gifts after their dental appointment. Rewarding causes your child to perceive the process as a difficult one. It would be helpful if you did not tell your child about your past good or bad experiences in the dental chair. Do not make frightening statements to your child that if he/she does not go to the doctor, his/her teeth will rot more and then he/she may have to get an injection. Because all these processes that you fear may one day be the treatments that your child may need. Don’t promise your child that the dentist will do nothing but take care of their teeth. Let your child and the pediatric dentist decide together what to do for the first appointment.

What Should I Do When Bringing My Child to Treatment Sessions?
We prefer that you, especially as parents, bring your child to treatment appointments. Make sure to bring your child to the treatment appointment full unless told otherwise. Children who have their dental treatments done very harmoniously can suddenly become very incompatible when they are tired and bored. This may also negatively affect their next appointment. For this reason, do not insist on your children and your doctor for more procedures. Do not ask questions that may disrupt their motivation, such as “Does it hurt when your child is being treated? are you tired?"

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You can find what you need to do after the treatment in this section. Feel free to ask us what you have in mind.