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Implant Dental Applications

Bursa İmplant Merkezi ve Bursa İmplant Tedavisi

To Whom Tooth Implants are Applied?

Implant dental treatment is applied to individuals over the age of 18 who have completed their jaw and face development. Before the treatment, it is determined by x-rays whether the bone amount of the jaw structure is suitable for the implant. If the bone structure is suitable in diabetes patients, presence of a disease under control (regulated) before the treatment is sufficient for the application of the implant. Implant treatment can be applied to those with heart disease, according to the extent of the disease, by discussing with your heart doctor and taking additional precautions when necessary. Those with osteoporosis can receive implant treatment after receiving appropriate treatment.

How Is Implant Tooth Made?

In implant treatment, only the implant area is anesthetized and the procedure is performed. However, in the presence of nausea, fear, systemic discomfort, or a long and tiring procedure, the patient can be completely asleep under sedation (semi-asleep) or general anesthesia. Before the procedure, the physician evaluates the bone structure and amount with detailed x-rays and 3D tomography. and the procedure is applied with the appropriate implant selection. Implant application is usually completed in 15 minutes when the amount of bone is appropriate.

How Does the Implant Dental Treatment Process Proceed?

The first step of implant application is placing the implant into the jawbone. The time required for the implant to fuse with the bone is approximately 2 to 3 months. Depending on the bone condition, implant application can be made in the same session with tooth extraction. Depending on the condition of the bone, temporary tooth or teeth can be prepared on the day of the implant. This period may differ depending on the bone structure of the patient, the surface characteristics of the implant used, and whether bone graft (bone powder) is used or not. It is useful to get information from your doctor about this calendar. After the implant fuses with the bone, the permanent prosthesis is made.

Does the Brand of the Implant Matter?

Today, many dental implant brands operate in the sector. The surface properties, structural properties and possibilities offered for the prosthesis to be made on each brand of implant differ. In addition, among the most important long-term criteria for the patient and the physician are the permanence of the implant company, its accessibility and the corporate service network. This criterion is of great importance in meeting the supply and part needs in the coming years. Your doctor will evaluate all the criteria and determine the most suitable implant and treatment procedure for you after the examination.

Is There Pain While Placing the Implant?

When the anesthesia methods applied before the procedure are performed properly, you will not feel pain. Implant surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia. If the patient requests it, it can also be applied by anesthetizing with sedation or general anesthesia. It is often a simpler operation than tooth extraction. There may be mild pain that can be heard in the evening after implant placement. Many patients state that this pain is milder than the pain experienced after tooth extraction. This pain can be relieved with mild painkillers. In many cases this is not even necessary.

How Long Do the Implant Last?

The life of the implant, which is made by a specialist physician under appropriate conditions, is exactly the same as in the main tooth. It should not be forgotten that our own teeth are given to us for lifelong use. However, if good care and regular checks are not made, you can lose your own teeth as well as your implants. In addition, systemic diseases that affect the health of our main teeth, gum problems and reasons such as not being treated regularly, excessive smoking can reduce the life of the implant. With the necessary care and control, our patients can use their implants for many years.

Is there any problem in MRI or X-Ray Passes after Implant application?

Dental implants are made of titanium. Titanium, which is compatible with the human body, is an element that does not contain any allergy risk and toxicity. The magnetic forces generated during MRI are not forces that will displace the implant and cause distress. Patients can be comfortable with this. Since the implant is made of titanium, they do not cause X-ray and similar devices to signal.

What is the Most Appropriate Age for Implant Dental Treatment?

Implant treatment can be applied to any patient whose growth development has been completed and whose health condition is favorable. The average age at which bone development is completed is 15-16 years for women and 17-18 years for men. After these ages, implant treatment can be performed at any age. According to studies and researches, old age does not pose a risk in implant treatment. Therefore, there is no upper age limit for implant application.

Where is Bursa Implant Center?

Bursa Private Hira Dental is a dental polyclinic that can be considered as Bursa implant center. In this center, you can have implant dental treatment and applications with domestic and foreign implants.

Places Performing Implant Treatment in Bursa

You can get implant treatment in Mesken and Esentepe Branches of Bursa Private Hira Dental.



After Treatment

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