Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a form of treatment applied when the dental nerve, namely the pulp, is damaged in such a way that it cannot repair itself. The pulp can be defined as the tissue that is located in the innermost part of the tooth and is responsible for the development, nutrition and defense of the tooth, giving vitality to the tooth. Inflammation and damage to the pulp may occur, usually as a result of trauma or deep caries (tooth decay). If the damaged or inflamed nerve is not removed from the area, it can cause serious problems such as tooth loss by causing infection in the tooth and surrounding tissues. After the pulp tissue, that is the nerve, is removed, the canal space must be cleaned, shaped and filled with canal fillers. All of these procedures are defined as root canal treatment.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

While this process can be completed in a single session, the process of treatment may require several sessions. The number of appointments varies depending on whether the tooth is alive or not, the infection status in the tooth and the speed of recovery. There may be 7-10 days between sessions.

Will There Be Pain and Swelling After Root Canal Treatment?

For example, how long does a wound on our arm need to heal; Root canal treatment should also be considered as such. Nerve removal and cleaning is a partially traumatic procedure.

You may not feel any pain after root canal treatment or you may feel increased pain when you press on it for a while, but if this pain continues for more than a few weeks, it would be better to consult your doctor. Although rare, swelling may occur after root canal treatment. In this case, it may be necessary to perform a root canal treatment and filling procedure called “retreatment”. When there are non-healing lesions or cyst formations in root canal treatment, surgical intervention and root tip resection may also be a solution.

How Much Are Root Canal Treatment Prices?

Root canal treatment prices may vary depending on factors such as the condition of the root canals of the tooth, whether or not root canal treatment has been performed before. The most reliable method for net price information will be a physician examination accompanied with x-ray.

How Long Does the Root Canal Treatment Last?

Root canal treatment is a permanent treatment for the tooth when done successfully, but one of the most important factors here is to pay attention to oral hygiene after successful root canal treatment and not to neglect routine controls. If these are not neglected, you can use your root canal treatment teeth for many years.

Does a Root Canal Treated Teeth Have Blackening?

Since the teeth that underwent root canal treatment lose their vitality and blood supply, discoloration such as darkening and bruising can be seen in the tooth over time. This is especially noticeable in root canal treatments. However, this problem can be eliminated to a great extent with the intracanal bleaching method.

Is it necessary for the tooth to be coated after root canal treatment?

Since root canal treatment is usually performed on teeth that have been destroyed by caries (tooth decay), the amount of original tissue of the tooth is less than these teeth. And since the amount of tissue to hold the filling is small, the problem of tooth fracture and filling fall may occur. After the root canal treatment, your doctor will inform you whether the tooth needs to be coated or not. If you have a coating on your teeth when necessary, you can use your teeth for many years.

Root Canal Treatment Renewal

It is the reapplication of the root canal treatment, which has been done before, for various reasons. In this application, the previous canal filling is removed and the ideal root canal treatment procedures are reapplied to the tooth, and the problems are tried to be eliminated.

Apical Resection

Apical resection, also known as root tip resection, is a minor surgical operation applied to teeth that cannot be achieved with root canal treatments. In this application, the chronic infection sacs that have previously passed to the root tip that cannot be healed by root canal treatment are physically removed from the root end of the tooth directly by surgical operation.


After Treatment

You can always contact us if you encounter a problem after the treatment.