Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

As a result of cleaning the tartar and stains accumulated around the teeth and close to the tooth roots, the teeth, which are free from yellow or brown surface stains, regain their natural colors.
Teeth whitening with this method is called “Mechanical Teeth Whitening”. This whiteness is obtained by removing the tartar completely and applying the polishing process. The whiteness obtained by mechanical whitening, that is, by cleaning the teeth, is a whiteness obtained by cleaning and polishing the tartar and stains.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-Office whitening or bleaching is a bleaching method applied by the physician in the clinic. In-Office bleaching contains a much more intense bleaching agent than at-home bleaching and must be applied in a controlled manner by the physician. During the application session, the whitening gel applied on the teeth by the dentist is activated with the help of UV light or laser and the whitening takes an average of 1 hour. It is also known as “laser teeth whitening method”.
With the In-office bleaching method, much more efficient results are obtained in terms of smile aesthetics.
It is made to whiten the tooth surface directly. Positive results are obtained against teeth that are darker due to superficial reasons or genetically. It is the method that gives the fastest results. If necessary, effective results can be obtained with successive sessions.

At-home teeth whitening

The application of the gels that we recommend clinically according to the tooth type and general condition to the teeth in certain ways and intervals by our patients is called “at-home whitening or bleaching”. These at-home bleaching gels contain a low percentage of hydrogen peroxide . The application period lasts for 2 or 3 weeks, and although positive results are obtained in terms of opening the tooth tone, it contributes positively to the aesthetics of the smile. In our clinic, at-home bleaching is generally recommended in combination with in-office bleaching to ensure more permanent whitening.

Internal Bleaching

In teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, a dull and dark gray color is seen spreading towards the surface due to the cessation of feeding as a result of the removal of the nerves. This appearance creates problems in the teeth in terms of aesthetics and harms the aesthetics of the smile. Fillings are removed from the back of these teeth and a whitening drug is injected into it. Then it is expected between 24 and 48 hours.
As a result, serious tonal lightening is seen in tooth color. Temporary fillings are then removed and permanent fillings are placed.


After Treatment

You can always contact us if you encounter a problem after the treatment.